I started filming at the age of 7 with a compact VHS camera, and it's been a passion and focus of my life ever since.


Now I have worked professionally as a filmmaker / DOP for 15 years, and in television for the last 10 years, working on a range of programmes for all the main channels as well as cinema release feature length documentaries. I'm very used to tight time constraints, and although I can quickly light and decide how to shoot a scene, many directors and editors have often commented on my close attention to detail.


I've done a great deal of 'run and gun' type shooting - but I'm really inspired by cinematic documentaries- blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality. I pride myself on smooth, fluid camera movements, careful use of lighting to achieve the desired look, and having an eye for cinematic composition. I'm also a competent editor, which means I know exactly what an editor will need to make good, powerful sequences and programmes as a whole.


I'm not a fan of the 'we'll sort it in post' attitude- I like to shoot stuff as close to the intended look as possible. I love shooting documentaries- learning about and documenting different cultures and communities, but am also now moving more into drama, as I love the contrast it provides to working in documentary.


I am easy going, personable, and confident in my ability to put nervous contributors at ease, whether they are children or adults. Often I've worked without a director, so I am competent at getting the material to develop and tell a story.


I have bases in both Bristol and London.

woodyjamesdp@gmail.com | +44 (0) 7833 147889

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